Diario de un loco


I do not seem to recall any other time where I was witness to such a long and warm ovation similar to that granted by the audience to Mario Iván at the opening night of Diary of a Madman. But the most important fact is that it proved well deserved, because the actor, in complicity with his creative team, achieved an extraordinary piece of theatre which is both comic and tragic; denouncing class divisions and social corruption.

In Diary of a Madman Mario Iván Martínez and Luly Rede lead us by the hand through the accelerated process of a humble employees´ dementia and schizophrenia; a man who fervently desires acknowledgement and who in his delirium fancies himself to be the new anointed king of Spain.

With very few stage elements and props and the crucial collaboration of Matías Gorlero´s lighting scheme, Edyta Rzewuska manages to create a hallucinating universe where we explore the decline within the mind of a man who has been subject to humiliations, abuse of power and unrequited love.

Fernando Moguel
Photographerand theatre critic of The Mexican “Time Out ”/Tiempo Libre Magazine/ Excerpt

Dear Mario:

So many thanks! Last night was the most extraordinary theater I have ever experienced. You were beyond brilliant. Each time I see you perform you add another dimension of your being. There are no adjectives or superlatives to define you. Congratulations!

Susana Shachter.
Talent agent residing in México and New York

From Russia with Love

Genius sometimes is created in complicity; it is the sum of the necessary elements which lead to wonder and amazement. Genius lies within the creative process and in this case it is found within the idea of taking one of Gogol´s great short stories, Diary of a Madman, and then translate it and adapt it for the theatre. Luly Rede has undertaken this task, giving the leading role to Mario Iván Martínez, well known master of the Mexican stage.

To some readers the plot is known as one of the best short fictions in the history of literature. Diary of a Madman chronicles the journal written by a clerk of inferior status called Poprichin in whom symptoms of madness gradually emerge. These include the understanding of dog language! It is indeed an exploration of dementia but also of human condition obliged to perpetually face the unbearable torments of reality and the strain that leads to its necessary evasion.

Luly Rede adheres herself to the tale´s comic offerings and thus is able to create an adaptation which is perfectly synchronized. She is consequently able to halt the audience´s laughter at will and slide into the metamorphosis which ranges from humor and self debasement, to the acceptance of Poprichin´s tragic destiny.

This staging has been planned with no artifice. Making full and ingenious use of the stage, costume and a rustic but beautiful scenery, the director creates the necessary effects of time and space.

Martinez´ presence provides the play with shine and energy. His formation as actor and musician, his wide experience as a story–teller and his unavoidable love for Shakespeare, make him into a complete and multi-phased performer who belongs to a species in danger of extinction; one so necessary for Mexico´s theatre!.

Martinez becomes owner and master of the stage for an hour and a half in Diary of a Madman. With no support, no rest, only someone with such vigor and ability would have been able to anchor this piece de resistance.

Genius then knows no frontiers, the staging of Diary o a Madman represents a point where two worlds and two cultures meet: the Mexican and the Russian; these two melt together, first within the performance itself and then, above all, within the warmth and depths of the audience´s applause.

José Miguel Arroyo
LA TEMPESTAD(The Tempest)Virtual magazine /También las artes cambian al mundo/ The arts also change the world

Simply the best piece of theatre I have seen in years!.

Germán Méndez
Film producer.

To mark the different stages of decline which lead to insanity, test the acting skills of any performer. Mario Iván passes with honors due to his many well-known abilities.

Olga Harmony
La Jornada Newspaper /Excerpt / Thursday October, 18 th , 2012.

Mario Iván:
I was enthralled by your performance in Diary of a Madman. I applaud all the team, the production is formidable! I was moved to tears.

Isela Vega
Winner of the Ariel (Mexican Oscar) for best actress.

I loved the way that you give your entire self upon the stage. It is a most beautiful work filled with talent and sheer honesty. My congratulations!

Eric Morales
Theatre and TV director.

One seldom comes out of the theatre having witnessed something quite unexpected; I rarely stand to applaud because I am spontaneously driven to do so.
It´s truly fascinating what Mario achieves on stage!

Luis Arrieta
Actor and film producer.

Dear Mario:

Highly impressed by the extent and range of your stage resources I can say that apart from comparisons and analogies, your work in Diary of a Madman has already gained a place in the General Archives of Passion!.

All here is gained thanks to Gogol´s literary talents and the virtuoso nature of your performance in a staging that has your singing voice as a bonus to the whole.

Congratulations for this theatrical doctorate: Suma cum laude!

Héctor Anaya
Author, dramatist, editor / Winner of the National Journalists´ Award Excerpt .

I thank Mario for his invaluable contribution to the cultural life of Mexico.

Dr. Octavio Alberto Garduño Llop
Banker and director of the Chapultepec Theatre.

It is fascinating to witness performances that stimulate you to become more and more passionate about this career of ours. I can think of no one better suited to tackle such a work.

Flavio Medina

Dear Mario:

I came back home filled with love for the theatre, for the love that an actor can grant to his profession; Your work is unforgettable. The emotional standing ovation was both beautiful and well deserved!.

Concepción Márquez

I take my hat off to this outstanding Mexican actor of today!.

Arturo Campos
Professor at the Mexican Metropolitan University.

Concepción Márquez

It is an acting revelation! Here our famous story–teller is transformed into an unforgettable character. He creates an Aksenti Ivanovich who leads us from laughter to the absolute commotion of pain.

Diary of a Madman is full of subtlety and colors; performed masterfully by Mario Iván Martínez.

The creative team dissects a society plagued by vice, where ill- treatment of those affected by mental afflictions, was commonplace. At the end of the performance we witnessed how the audience granted him the greatest acknowledgment given an actor: A prolonged standing ovation which to me has something to do with recognizing one´s self upon the stage!.

Roberto Sosa
El escenario en el ciberespacio/ Stage in cyberspace October 23rd, 2012 / Excerpt / Inter escena.

Diary of a Madman breathes again on the Mexican stage!

In a one-man show, danger and risks lie within many factors: For one thing not being able to maintain the adequate rhythm, also in the inability to handle contrasting emotions, in the correct molding of adequate body language; in volume, diction and voice. All of this naturally set apart from the need to achieve the various dramatic stages demanded by the author. Here Mario accomplishes every requirement to the fullest extent of the word! In addition to his acting abilities, the actor also delights us with his extraordinary and highly trained singing voice!.

This staging reminded me of Peter Brook who said: Devil within man is boredom. Empty space should be filled by content and essence; thus our intentions are clarified. This can only occur when one tames what I call the three elements: emotion, body and thought.

Araceli Alvarado

Mario Iván Martínez stars in Diary of a Madman.

In order to give life to Gogol´s madman Mario received the support of Dr. Horacio Reza who allowed him to interview several of his patients suffering from various mental afflictions. The result is consequently rich and heart-moving, full of contrasting shades which drive the actor to his limits, every stage of the way.

Jesús Márquez Martínez
Mario Martínez protagoniza Diario de un loco/ Published: October 10, 2012 / Excerpt

Dear Arturo:

I write in regards to our visit to the theatre the other night. I was quite tired that Monday, Nonetheless I accepted your invitation because I have always loved Mario´s work. I have also been fascinated by those who are presumed to be mad. My experience working with these people for many years, has proved life-changing. I have found that they are usually fabulous, with enormous creative abilities, fascinating sensitivity and generally brilliant.

I must tell you that during the play I went through many emotional moments. The first of these occurred when the character, sketched at first as an almost normal person with certain visibly odd habits, suddenly reached a higher degree of mental disturbance. I was then impressed by his many fantasies and almost candid way in which he falls in love with his boss´ daughter. Finally it was amazing to witness how almost imperceptibly, Aksenti starts to lose touch with reality, reaching the climax when he actually attacks his beloved.

Tears surprised me as he believes to have set foot in Spain, when in actual fact he has already been sent to the lunatic asylum. That is the moment where reality catches up with him, the instant when he is no longer compatible with society; the moment when he becomes…. a madman. This was for me the play´s most electric scene.

The result was an absolutely delicious evening. Mario was, as always fabulous. Truly quite fabulous! I can safely say that this is the role in which he has most impressed me. A bottle of wine accompanied us to savor our emotions, which were not few in relation to the experience lived by seeing Mario perform.

The next day I turned the page of the newspaper only to learn that in Europe while you and I were immersed in the world of the madman, a work by Picasso by the same title had been stolen! It seemed a magical coincidence, especially because the expression in the painting is so very similar to that which Mario sketches upon the stage.

Bravo to him and a thousand kisses!.

Frances Van Gort

Mario Nikolai Iván Gogol Martínez
A poem written after witnessing Diary of a Madman

What hybrid has touched my heart?
Know you of any name
That may give order to the cosmos
And enrich virtue itself?
I do.
It is called, Nikolai.

He holds treasures,
Otherwise extinct
Where it not by an eagled,
Bald- headed savior.

He has come to remind us
Of Nikolai´s prodigious nature;
Of the beauty of many worlds,
Of darkness found in a word
Spoken in kindness;
Spoken within the bud
Of life itself.

This angel has drunk from the fount
That Nikolai built only for him.
His voice.
His presence…
And such a one!

The angel nourishes
And amuses my soul,
Sings and fascinates,
With wings of talent
And of terror.
He speaks of the little
And the immense.

The winged-one
Lives with a potent interior world
And leads us, as he should,
To the infinite kindness of creation,
To the measureless world of Pain,
Heat, Ardor and Love.

What a trip dear Mario!
filled with kindness and charm.
Where am I Martínez?
What world have you created?
Dam you angel!
You have scored a Gogol …
to win!

Margarita Sanz
Three times winner of the Ariel Award (Mexican Oscar) for best actress

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